Our Values

Unity: Sharing in the unified life of the Trinity and demonstrating God’s love by living together in unity. Faith is not a private matter, but rather everything is to be done with and for each other. God’s love unites us across all barriers and enables us to live out life together intentionally, seeking the other’s well-being in every way, including the physical, spiritual, material and emotional aspects of every person.

Authenticity: Receiving and giving encouragement to each other in and through and despite our weaknesses in order to live up to the calling God has for each of our lives. Transparency before God and each other allows us to be receptive to encouragement instead of wearing a mask of holiness which isolates and leads to loneliness.

Transformation: We come to God as we are, accepting his offer of love and grace. From a place of honesty and truth, we then participate in the transformation God intends to work out in us, becoming more like Jesus. It is our “sanctification”, becoming holy, being purified. We are changed as we draw near to God and to each other. The process does not occur in isolation but within the context of relationship with the people of God.

Cultural Relevance: Faithfully proclaiming the Good News of God’s Kingdom in a way that is meaningful and compelling to the people in our time and culture. Using the Bible as our guide for faith and practice, we take a creative, entrepreneurial and innovative approach to everyday life and ministry that is faithful to Jesus and His Word.

Spirit-Led: Jesus is the head of the church and the Holy Spirit is its administrator. We seek to be actively responsive to the Holy Spirit’s daily leading in our personal lives and within the ministries of the local church. At the same time, we seek to be “naturally supernatural”, experiencing Holy Spirit power without hype or eccentricity.

Equipping & Releasing: John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard, said “everyone gets to play!” What this means to us is that the role of the pastor is not to personally do all of the ministry. Rather, it is, along with church leadership, to equip the members of the church to do the work of the ministry. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn how to serve and to minister.

Hospitality: A warm, gracious environment enables people to feel at home and be comfortable. Everything we do should be understandable and inclusive for guests and seekers without watering down the faith. Seekers can experience and evaluate authentic Christianity and be provided an opportunity to develop relationships with people they can meaningfully connect with.

Passion for Excellence: Without execution, vision is just a dream. We choose to do a few things well rather than attempting to do everything. Consistently executing well requires clear organization, streamlined and flexible systems, teamwork and coordination, and the ability to adapt and manage change.

Reproduction: Jesus call us to pass on what we have learned. The role of the local church is to develop disciples of Jesus who reproduce Jesus’ character and His ministry. As these disciples become leaders, they will ultimately reproduce ministries, missions and whole churches.